Best Monitors For Gaming: How Do You Choose The Right One?

No matter what kind of a gamer are you, your victory or defeat in the game decides by the PC system on which you are playing that particular game. Yes, having a suitable PC with good configuration is what all required to conquer the games. Professional gamers assemble their own PC system for playing different types of games. IF you are confused and don’t know about the best gaming monitor or the PC system, our tips would help you out on choosing the right PC system to explore the best of gaming environment.

Best Monitors For Gaming

Gaming industry is widely expanding over the years, thanks to innovations in technology and its gadgets. Many developers are now designing games which required high PC configuration for the ultimate gaming experience.

If talk about various categories in gaming, there are plenty of categories available and each category offers thousands of games to play around. Categories such as racing, FPS i.e. First Person Shooting, Sports, Action, Role Playing and many other more. All these categories required highly configured PC system on which you can get the best of realistic experience of the games. These games require high graphical interface on your PC and of course a good gaming monitor is also essential to explore the best.

Gaming Monitor is the most essential part of the PC and most of the gamers who are playing games since years, would recommend you to keep an eye on the Monitor. So let’s get on to the essential tips which you should consider as guidelines before purchasing a new gaming Monitor for your gaming PC.

Screen Resolution

This is the most essential thing which you should know about before buying any Monitor or smartphone or Television. The display resolutions decide the picture quality on the screen. The higher the resolution, the more clear the picture quality would be! Make sure your system has good enough screen resolution first.

Different gaming monitors come with different screen resolutions. Basically, there are the gaming Monitors come with different screen resolutions with

  • 1080p (Full HD)
  • 1440p (QHD/2K)
  • 2160p (UHD/4K)

Nowadays, most of the new generation PC Monitors come with 4K resolution with 2160 Pixels which offers crystal clear graphical interface while exploring your games.

4K Monitor requires advanced hardware to load it properly and for that reason, the overall costing of the system would go more higher. So using the 4K Monitor has some hardware limitations which you need to know about. Of course, the higher resolution displays will also require high and advanced GPUs to load the graphics well. So there are many things required before getting a 4K gaming Monitor. We recommend you to go with the 1080p HD gaming Monitor which is suitable for you and comes within the budget.

Monitor’s Refresh Rate

A gaming monitor’s refresh rate measures in Hz which is known as hertz. This is the key factor which is an essential thing on a PC. How many times an image refreshes on the monitor decides by the Refresh Rate on a PC. Currently, there are three types of gaming monitors available with different refresh rates. Here’s they are!

  • 60Hz
  • 144Hz
  • 240Hz

High Refresh Rate requires advanced system with good GPU to load the images properly. Again, if you have a limited budget, you should not go with the Highly equipped consoles. Keep it limited which is suitable for the system.

Panel Technology

In today’s word, there are two types of Panels available in the gaming industry. The first one is TN, twisted nematic while the other is IPS, in-plane switching.

IPS offers the best color reproduction which adds more vibrant scene. The IPS panel offers better visual quality and this will add more richer interface at user’s end. However, TN Panel comes with faster response time which offers better visual experience and is compatible with limited PC configuration.

Screen Size

Again, this is also available in different sizes for different purposes. There are many choices available for you to pick up the best and suitable Screen Size on the Gaming Monitor which you like to purchase. Most of the gaming monitors come with 21 Inches and 27 Inches of sizes to handle all the graphical and visual output. So you should pick the one which fulfils your requirements.

We recommend you not to go above the 24 Inches of the monitor as it would not provide good graphical and visual experience. Most of the games are designed to run better on 21 Inches screens.

Keep an eye on the Ports

Every Monitor comes with a bunch of different types of ports or we can say connectors to connect different types of devices and consoles to the system.

There are inputs and outputs ports available on a Monitor which allows you to connect different devices to the Monitor.

If we talk about the connectors, the first one is HDMI port helps you to transfer and receive audio and video. Display port helps you to transfer video from PC to the screen. 5mm AudioJack to connect headphones. These are the essential ports on a PC.

Some PCs also come with USB ports, microUSB ports etc to come as extra functions and this is how you can add more devices to your system.

So folks, these are some guidelines or we can say useful tips which you should know before buying a new gaming Monitor for your system. You can even seek help from your friends who are intro the same industry, they would also suggest you some good gaming monitors.