Predators (2010): REVIEW & MOVIE SUMMARY

Predators (2010), is a 40 million dollar United States film distributed by 20th Century Fox. It is a science-fiction action movie with a run time of 107 minutes. It was released on July 9th, 2010 by the production companies: Davis Entertainment, Trouble Maker Studios, Dune Entertainment and Ingenious Media.

Predators (2010), is the creative art of Alex Litvak and Michael Finch. Nimrod Antal is the Director of the Movie and Robert, John and Elizabeth the core producers. The movie’s music was done by John Thomas, and Gyula Pados did the creative arts of cinematography.

The movie synopsis

The movie begins with Royce (Adrian Brody) falling with a mighty crash from heaven into an unfamiliar world. After that, Cuchillo, Nikolai, Isabelle, Mombasa, Stans, Hanzo, and Edwin fall from high above just like Royce.

These people are all deadly killers. Isabelle is an Israeli Military sniper, Cuchillo is a drug baron, Nikolai a soldier, Mombasa a revolutionary movement officer, Stans a San Quentin inmate, Hanzo a Yakuza enforcer and Edwin a medical doctor.

After a short while even before they start discovering themselves, they are attached by weird alien beasts which kills Cuchilo and uses him as bait. As the team tries to survive, they reach a camp of many of the alien monsters. The bigger predators Tracker, Berserker and Falconer finds them and kills Mombasa.

Isabelle had a know-how of the predators from the very beginning, and she shares the information after a confrontation with Royce. The game goes on and on until the last predator Bersketer is decapitated with an axe.

Just when a sigh of relief comes, the heavens open and more predators seem to be coming. The team has to find a way out of the planet.

Main Characters in the movie

  • Adrian Brody take on the role as Royce the main character who was the special force US army soldier
  • Alice Braga plays Isabelle the Israeli militia sniper.
  • Walton Goggins plays Stans a murderer responsible for 38 deaths and inmate in San Quentin State Prison.
  • Oleg Taklarovov take the role of Nikolai the Russian Chechnya fighter
  • Luis Ozawa plays Hanzo
  • Mahershala Ali plays Mombasa
  • Danny Trejo plays Cuchullo
  • Laurence plays Noland

Review of the Movie

There are times when the community banishes people by quarantining them in prisons due to their wrong doing. The Predators movie is demonstrating the contrary. The movie shows that such people could still have benefits in the society is given a chance.

All the characters have a dark side. And they just dropped from heaven. Latvik and Michael are using symbolism in their work. They are portraying that God (represented by dropping from heaven) will give as another chance in life to mend fences.

However it is not clear if they are fighting the animals for their own survival of or for the whole world. Part three of the movie should come clear on this.

Predators Movie is quite entertaining and captivating. The Monster will send a chill down your spine. The producer has given the mercenaries a hard task which they ought to achieve in order to survive. The story flow and development is plausible. You shout feast your eyes on this movie as we wait for the third part.