Top 10 Cydia Tweaks For iOS 11 That You Can Try

Jailbreaking your device and modifying it to suit your needs has always been a viable trend. Even the Apple’s advanced iOS systems are no exception to this. Once you have successfully completed jailbreaking, you are probably looking for compatible tweaks to go with your jailbroken device. There are several Cydia tweaks that you can try out for an iOS 11 system. Given below are the top 10 tweaks that can be installed and used without leaving any negative impact on your device. So if you are looking for safe iOS tweaking then you can start with the following Cydia tweaks.

Cydia Tweaks

Accelerated Home Button

The home button of the iPhone and iPad, by default has some delay set there by the manufacturer. This delay is to let the device decide and make choices. In a normal Apple device a double press of the home button takes you to the App Switcher but a single press go to the home screen. So this delay is to let the device wait for user’s choice. If you install this tweak, you can skip this delay and move through the screens rapidly.

Adaptive Keyboard

This tweak helps you with colorizing the iOS keyboard.  The changed colour is usually that of the dominant colour in that particular app. So this means that the colour is adaptive and changes from app to app. This tweak is a fun way to brighten up your onscreen keyboard and let it suit the rest of the screen.


Installing this tweak lets you to take advantage of the entire area of the screen display. There are some apps which are not compatible with the different version of iPhones. So they do not open to fill the entire screen. Installing this tweak eliminates this error.


This tweak gets rid of the notch at the top of the screen. This expands your available screen space and makes the display look much larger and fuller and increases the overall aesthetics. This works great especially if you have an iPhone X.


This tweak provides you with a minimalistic and discreet way of switching between the time and date displayed on your screen. With this tweak, when you tap on the time at the top left corner, it will change and show you the date.


This tweak basically docks your music app widget. So the next time you perform your swipe-up function, in the dock you will find the music playing with the song title, artist and album. It also has the music control options right there for easy song switching.


Tired of the volume control popup blocking your display screen every time you increase or decrease the volume? Then this is a must have tweak for you. This tweak, removes the annoying popup and discreetly shows the volume percentage at the top left corner, when changed.


This tweak is for those security freaks. You can add the Touch ID or the Face ID (in iPhone X) to lock down your important apps. This protect option can be applied for any number of applications.

MovieBox Tweak

So this is a tweak that can help you enjoy and utilise your Movie Box to the maximum capacity. When you download Movie Box tweak, it removes all the interrupting advertisements in the middle of the shows.


Now this is a feature that lets you switch between landscape mode and portrait mode. This switching option is not available by default for the home screen in iOS 11. But with the AutoRotate tweak installed, you can even smoothly rotate your home screen.